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Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.

Comfort and well-being

The comfort of daylight

In office buildings, computer-based work places very demanding requirements on combining daylight, lighting and glare protection. Choosing the right automatic solar shading gives you a high level of user convenience, good heat protection and ensures that computer workstations are free from glare.

Thermal comfort

The right room temperature makes a great contribution to our sense of Comfort. If it is too warm or too cold, we quickly feel uncomfortable. If it even comes to the point that we find ourselves sweating or freezing within our own four walls, then it is over with any feeling of Comfort. It is for that reason that the right solar shading in front of the windows is so important. If it is hot outside, then it shields the interior against unwanted thermal radiation, and if it is cold, then it allows the right amount of desired thermal radiation to come inside. 82 percent of the sun's rays can pass through windows with double glazing. Floors, walls and furnishings absorb this energy and release it again to their surroundings as thermal radiation. That is why, in the absence of proper solar shading, it can easily be 15°C warmer inside a house with large window surfaces than it is outside.

The ambient conditions change over the course of the day and during the seasons. With a blinds control device from Griesser, you can adjust your solar shading to match your personal requirements in accordance with changing exterior circumstances. And making these adjustments is so simple that you will still have time to take care of the important things in your life. An optimal daylight concept makes artificial air conditioning superfluous in the summer. You save energy costs and may well also avoid one or another unwanted summer cold. In the winter, on the other hand, a solar shading system can protect you against cold and allow the scarce rays of the sun into the room, thus saving once again on energy costs, not to mention facial tissues.

Visual comfort

Having a sense of Comfort also means being able to decide for oneself, particularly within one's own four walls, just how much one wants to reveal to the outside world. With blinds and awnings, you are protected against the unwanted gaze of others from outside. You want to "seal off" a room, without having to sit in the dark? No problem: Place the slats at the desired height and at the desired angle: The light comes in – the gazes of others remain outside.

Solar shading system + visual comfort

  • automatically combines natural and artificial light
  • increases wellbeing in the workplace
  • increases employees' productivity

Solar shading system + Thermal comfort

  • 20% energy saving using automatic sun protection systems (ESSO)
  • Cutting the amount of electrical energy used in summer to cool rooms
  • Using solar energy to save heating costs in winter


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